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To ensure a proper translation, we work with a set of comprehensive translation parameters like:

  • Key phrases, terminological convention, project-specific terminology and terms of art.
  • Faithfulness, fidelity, and transparency of a translation in general.
  • Regional standards and localisation.
  • Document formatting.

Our translators work to convey both context and meaning, while preserving as much of the semantic structure from the source material as possible. The particular structure and syntax characteristics of a source text in a given language are carefully adjusted to the syntactic requirements of the target language. When translating a dubbing project, whether speech, dialogue or song, we consider timing and accuracy as essential to capturing the nuances of the source material, from narrative and content to lip-synch and performance.

At Audio Resort, we consider the role of the translator as a mediator between cultures. A translation is not just a substitution of words between source and target text but also a mediation of ideas across cultural and national boundaries. Therefore, we go to great lengths to check factual terms, terminology and concepts within specific areas and disciplines. To ensure consistency across translations and projects, we work with client- and project-specific glossaries as needed.