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Localisation, or Locale specific versioning, refers to the creation and management of multiple versions of a product.

All recurrences of specific content are customised for local languages and specifications.

The process of localisation often involves translated dubbing as well as localisation of visual elements, such as subtitles, nameplates, lower thirds and banners. The process of graphic localisation is highly project specific and may vary from simple subtitling to advanced replacement of occluded or ‘baked-in’ graphics, using techniques like alfa- and luma-keying, motion graphics and compositing.

We handle all types of visual media and we offer visual localisation for any language or locale that you need.

We are highly skilled at working with advanced VFX, such as motion tracking and compositing, to ensure a consistent end-to-end solution. Our AV engineers use a range of industry standard VFX production tools to process your material (on a source-by-source basis). Source material is carefully analysed to produce a localised or otherwise altered version, indistinguishable from the original material. Throughout this process, we employ a systemic version control system to manage collaborative data sharing and multi-version workflows.